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  • The Same Old Same Old

    So now the commander and fake wants to resuscitate the Syrian “thing” again. So he screwed up the deal in Egypt, pissed the Saudi’s off because that’s where they wanted to run their LNG lines through, then he screwed it up in Syria,

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  • Will The Liberal Gun Haters Catch on now?

    The first quarter of 2014 was a quarter of firsts for Chicago: it was the first time citizens with a concealed carry handgun permit (CCH) were able to carry handguns for self-defense and the first time since 1958 that the city’s murder

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  • SHOCKING: North Carolina Voter Fraud

    RALEIGH, N.C. -

    State election officials are looking into thousands of cases where registered voters may have voted in two states or after their reported death.

    A report presented Wednesday by Elections Director

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  • Executive Order for Gay “Special Rights” Bill?

    Screenshot_1The Gay Bill of Special Rights has stalled in the U.S. House — and the Homosexual Lobby can’t stand it. That’s why Florida’s senator has just signed a

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  • U.S. Supreme Court Rules We Have No Religious Liberty.

    us_supreme_court_660The U.S. Supreme Court declined to expand its review of President Barack Obama’s push to guarantee insurance coverage for contraceptives, rejecting appeals from Catholic groups, including the archdiocese of Washington.

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